African Music Legends

Africa is known to produce various musical legends who made it great in the world. Many of the musicians pioneered different African music genres that have become famous across the globe.

Not only did this legends sing to people but they also were an inspiration and hope to the people of their countries. This legends were great men and women who are still famous for their unique singing methods.

The top three African music legends include Fela Kuti, Miriam Makeba and not to forget the renowned reggae artist Lucky Dube. Fela Kuti is probably the greatest African artist to have ever lived. He was raised in Lagos Nigeria and later went to school in London.

Fela Kuti pioneered Afro-beat a genre that made him rise to fame in the 1970s with his band ‘The Africa’. He blended agit-prop lyrics and dance rhythms as a medium for social protest. Fela kuti could play a variety of music instruments which made him more unique. He was also a great composer.

Although Fela Kuti was a musician, he was also a political activist. He usually did this with his amazing music styles. One of his best Song was ‘why black man dey suffer’ which was produced in 1971 and was a great hit. Fela Kuti sang in his native language and pidgin English.

Another great music legend is Miriam Makeba. She is one of the most popular female artist to come out of Africa and perhaps the best female artist in Africa to have ever lived. She was also known as Mama Africa and she greatly opposed the South African apartheid regime. She was and is still an iconic figure to all women in the world.

Her music dealt with the socio-political dangers posed to South Africans under the Apartheid. She won a grammy award and is recognised all over the world for her great perfomances and inspiration. One of her best songs was ‘patapata’.

The third great music legend was Lucky Philip Dube. He was a South African reggae musician from Johannesburg. He is the father of African reggae music. He discovered his music talents at a tender age of 18 then joined his cousins band called The Love brothers.

The band was later renamed as Lucky Dube and The Supersoul and they produced their first album. Supersoul was later dropped from the name

Lucky Dube went on producing several hit albums that made him become more popular. Lucky Dube was South Africa’s biggest selling reggae artist and he was also one of the first artists to bring Africa reggae to the world. He also gave Africa a voice and placed its culture on a global stage. All this artistes will always be remembered.